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The Warrior Series

Follow the paranormal/fantasy love story of Libby and Jo as well as some of their friends. 

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Book 1:

The Warrior Within

Where it all begins! Entering butch half-vampire Jo's dangerous world, femme Libby is drawn into a web of secrets and danger. Can she overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds and survive?

Book 2

A Warrior for Her

What will Libby sacrifice to save her dearest friend? Will it cost her the love of her life? Or will her own life be the price?

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Spinoff 1

Mac and Kate

Jo's wolf shifter friend Mac and her human mate Kate must overcome odds if they can rekindle their love.

Book 3

Warrior book 3

Will Libby and Jo's love survive -- will they?

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Spinoff 2

Beatrice and Arin

Vampire Beatrice may find healing...and love with nonbinary Arin