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Hi Ho Fellow Readers!

This was first published as the June 2022 newsletter. The snippet is from an earlier version of Trusting the Wolf, when I was writing it from Mac's perspective.

What’s New

Okay, here’s some exciting news I just found out - as of this morning, A Warrior for Her is on Audible! How cool is that? The narrator, Susan Knight, submitted it like, a month ago, and I haven’t had any idea when to expect it. I know what my wife and I are going to do tonight and I can’t wait. All right now, get your mind out of the gutter. Listen. We are going to listen. To the book. Geez.

The rest of my news is all about the conference I attended last week. The Golden Crown Literary Society Conference was, in a word, awesome. It was 4 packed, fun, whirlwind days full of firsts for me. Oh for crying out loud. Not those kinds of first. Really.

See, it was my first ever writer con. Well, first if you don’t count the virtual one last year and let’s be real. Since COVID-19 was the reason for it being virtual, it’s probably best we don’t count it. (Anyone else sick of Zoom?) It was also the first time I did a public reading. I read the scene from The Warrior Within where Libby is getting ready for her first date with Jo, and, whew, the listeners laughed in the right places. I participated in my first author panel. There were six of us on the panel and the topic was our individual journeys to publication. Oh, man, was I nervous! The room was packed! I must have kind of blacked out or something because I have no recollection of what I said and cannot for the life of me remember any of the questions we were asked, though I do know I at least answered them. Finally, it was the first time I did a formal book signing. Around these nerve-wracking events, I volunteered, attended workshops, sat in on fantastic panels featuring authors I admire, and listened as many authors read enticing snippets of their books. Gah! So much sapphic literature and so little time! If it toppled over, my To Be Read pile could just about take out a small village at this point.

On top of all that, The Warrior Within was a finalist for two awards, which as you my imagine, added quite the thrilling element to the award ceremony! Though the book didn’t win in either the Debut or Paranormal categories, the evening was still truly stupendous.

(Pictured are me with GCLS Award Winning Author Kay Acker and writing couple Diann and Donna)

Perhaps the best part of all is that I had the chance to meet a bunch of amazing writers and definitely made some new friends. Of course, it never occurred to me to take photos of any of them until the award night. So, what you see is pretty much all I took. But don’t we look great all dressed up?

Now that I’ve recovered from the full day of travel from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I’m already looking forward to next year in Denver.

What I’m Working On

Maybe the best thing I brought back from the con was a renewed excitement to write and I’m in heavy revisions of a spin-off which lands between A Warrior for Her and whatever Book 3 of the Warrior Series will be called. In that second book, we meet Mac, a wolf shifter friend of Jo’s. Mac mentions her estranged mate Kate. This is their story. It will contain references to the trilogy but won’t be necessary to understand the events of book 3. So, if you aren’t a wolf shifter fan, no biggie.

Here’s a (rough) snippet to hopefully whet your appetite for this second-chance romance!

Kate sets down her sandwich and looks up as I step into the break room. The sight of her dries out my mouth and makes my heart pound. Holy shit. The delicate peach silk shell sets off her skin and hugs Kate’s curves. Suspended from a golden box chain, a sun pendant nestles in the hollow of her neck. Tiny crescent moons dangle from her ears. My body reacts even before I take in another deep breath of her alluring scent.

Kate straightens her spine and pastes a professional smile on her face. Ouch. Even all buttoned up she’s hot. I try to contain myself in light of her obvious discomfort.

“What can I do for you, Mac?”

Really? I could have a blast with that innuendo. Instead, I hide my amusement and try to act my age. I point a thumb over my shoulder. “Don’t know what you were able to hear in there, but the house at 315 Pine is gonna be ready for inspection a few days early. Need you to call, and move him up if you can.”

“Oh, of course.” Kate stands up, and I’m proud of how she maintains her cool as I take in the rest of her outfit. Me? I nearly drool over the slim knee-flirting skirt. Dragging my eyes back up to her catch hers, there isn’t a thing I can do about the foolish grin I feel on my face. “Ah, I can call now, if it’s a rush. I mean, they might be busy.”

I smile at her. “You’ve been in the big city too long. Sit. Enjoy your lunch hour. It can wait. They aren’t ever that busy.”

Kate nods, and the first genuine smile I’ve seen lifts her cheeks. “Okay. Great. I’ll take care of it.” Our gazes lock. Kate’s smile dims, and I feel it like a punch in the gut. But she can’t tear her gaze from mine. I’ll take that as a good sign.

Mac has her work cut out for her trying to win Kate back, that’s for sure!

Well, I reckon I’ve run on long enough. Time for me to cue up Audible. Happy reading, whatever you choose and however you choose to take it in.

Be a Badass!

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