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A Warrior for Her

The Warrior Series continues in Book 2...

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 A friendship worth any risk puts love on the line...

A shocking revelation about her best friend Emma sends Libby reeling. The more she finds out, the more confused she becomes. But what she’s always known about Emma doesn’t jibe with what her girlfriend Jo and her vampire friends tell her. Jo’s obvious prejudice only serves to further muddy the picture. To make things worse, Libby has no idea how she keeps inciting Jo’s anger.


It soon becomes clear that Emma’s whole family is in terrible danger and Libby doesn’t know if she can forgive her own part in it. When Emma is taken, Libby vows to find her at any cost. And when Jo finally divulges what’s been going on, Libby’s faced with the agonizing choice of being herself and losing the love of her life, or risk losing herself in order to save their love.

Narrated by Susan Knight

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