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The Warrior Within

The Warrior Series begins...

2022 GCLS Goldie Award Finalist
Debut Novel AND Paranormal!

Find e-book & printed copies at your local independent bookstore, here, or from any of these.

A thrilling chance at love puts more than Libby's heart at risk...

The fallout from a life-changing diagnosis left Libby with only her best friend, her cat, and a suitcase of insecurities. On a rare night out she meets Jo, the hottest butch she's ever seen. Despite Jo's actions, Libby believes that her intense attraction couldn't be reciprocated. To her astonishment, filthy-rich Jo pursues her. For a while, everything feels wonderful as new love and hot passion bloom. Libby denies her own instincts even as danger from Jo's world threatens. That is, until a freak accident forces Jo into a shocking revelation. Reeling with disillusionment and betrayal, Libby must decide if she can trust the half-vampire again. If she can take another chance on love. And despite Jo's vow to protect her, Libby will need to reach deep inside to find her own strength if she is to survive.

Narrated by Susan Knight

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