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Trusting the Wolf

A Spinoff of The Warrior Series

While this book can be read as a stand alone, the events bridge the gap between Book 2, A Warrior for Her and the final book of The Warrior Series trilogy - in the works now!

Find e-book & printed copies at your local independent bookstore, or from any of these!

A second chance at love will take trust...

Mac's heart broke seven years ago, when she was torn away from the love of her life, breaking Kate's trusting heart, too. Now Kate has returned home, and Mac is willing to do anything to prove Kate can trust her; to give them a second chance.


But Mac has a secret life that could destroy any chance she has of winning back her mate. When Mac's enemy targets Kate, the choice may be taken out of her hands. Kate will have to trust Mac to keep her safe. And to heal their relationship, they will both have to trust Mac's wolf.

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