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About Me

Allow me to tell you a little about my life...

The author props her chin on her hand and smiles.

Photo credit: Camille Surrett.

A tuxedo cat sits in sunshine.
A calico cat sits on a purple and green quilt.

First of all, I am blissfully, gratefully married to a fabulous woman. We share space with two very different rescued felines – Josephine March, the passionate tuxedo who is 9 years old, and Emily Stoner (it’s a long story – don’t ask), the skittish calico of undetermined age. They aren't what I'd call close. At all. But they don't fight until feeding. Usually.


I love to bake - breads and cakey sweets mostly. Since COVID-19 entered the picture, I have been slightly obsessed with all things sourdough. (I’ve even named my starter Corie – for Coronavirus – don’t judge.) I gotta tell ya, if you haven’t had a flaky, mile-high sourdough biscuit, you haven’t lived.


My witty other half keeps me laughing. So, between us, our home is often filled with laughter and yummy smells. Once in a while, I enjoy messing around with wire and beads, mostly to make earrings, and have spent many a happy evening playing with hooks and yarn. 

I’m a lifelong avid reader with varied tastes. I grew up on a farm in rural Virginia and at an early age, I cut my reading teeth on animal stories like The Black Stallion, The Call of the Wild and James Herriot’s series depicting his life’s work as a Yorkshire veterinarian. Later, I read my way through the works of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, Little Women, and countless well-worn historical romance paperbacks my grandmother passed along to me in boxes. I had no access to lgbtq+ writings until I was in my late twenties, and I really had to go looking for them. Today, thankfully, our stories are easier to find.

Though I started out crafting stories featuring the adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Secretariat in elementary school, today I primarily write lesbian paranormal romance. (I believe my writing has grown a bit since those first forays. I sincerely hope you would agree.) Thanks to life, well, happening, I have a colorful array of experiences which feed my creativity. My first book, The Warrior Within, wrote itself in a month. Really – read the blog "How Listening to Muses Wrote My Book" sometime. I have a lot more stories in my mind and have been busy writing them. Keep an eye on my home page to see when each is available!


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