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About Me

Allow me to tell you a little about my life...

The author props her chin on her hand and smiles.

Photo credit: Camille Surrett.

A tuxedo cat sits in sunshine.
A calico cat sits on a purple and green quilt.

First of all, I am blissfully, gratefully married to a fabulous woman. We share space with two very different rescued felines – Josephine March, the passionate tuxedo who is 8 years old, and Emily Stoner (it’s a long story – don’t ask), the skittish calico of undetermined age. They aren't what I'd call close. At all. But they don't fight until feeding. Usually.


I love to bake - breads and cakey sweets mostly. Since COVID-19 entered the picture, I have been slightly obsessed with all things sourdough. (I’ve even named my starter Corie – for Coronavirus – don’t judge.) I gotta tell ya, if you haven’t had a flaky, mile-high sourdough biscuit, you haven’t lived.


My witty other half keeps me laughing. Consequently, our home in the gorgeous mountains of western North Carolina, is often filled with laughter and yummy smells. Once in a while, I enjoy messing around with wire and beads, mostly to make earrings, and have spent many a happy evening playing with hooks and yarn. 

I’m a lifelong avid reader with varied tastes. I grew up on a farm in rural Virginia and at an early age, I cut my reading teeth on animal stories like The Black Stallion, The Call of the Wild and James Herriot’s series depicting his life’s work as a Yorkshire veterinarian. Later, I read my way through the works of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters, Little Women, and countless well-worn historical romance paperbacks my grandmother passed along to me in boxes. I had no access to lgbtq+ writings until I was in my late twenties, and I really had to go looking for them. Today, thankfully, our stories are easier to find.

Though I started out crafting stories featuring the adventures of Rin Tin Tin and Secretariat in elementary school, today I primarily write lesbian paranormal romance. (I believe my writing has grown a bit since those first forays. I sincerely hope you would agree.) Thanks to life, well, happening, I have a colorful array of experiences which feed my creativity. My first book, The Warrior Within, wrote itself in a month. Really – read the blog "How Listening to Muses Wrote My Book" sometime. I have a lot more stories in my mind and have been busy writing them. Keep an eye on my home page to see when each is available!


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