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There's a YouTube Video for That

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can look up just about anything. And I love to look stuff up. Research is my happy place. Take my recent foray into sourdough baking, for example. I spent days and days poring over blogs and articles. But for me, videos make learning even easier. With them, I’ve learned to watercolor, make bead jewelry, decorate a cake, shape a loaf of bread, fix a toilet, work a new crochet stitch, switch out the OS on an antiquated MacBook Air to Linux…

As evidenced by that last, until recently, I considered myself to be fairly technologically savvy. I really thought I knew what I was doing, or could at least muddle my way through until I figured it out. I mean, back when I taught English to 7th graders (*shudder* that’s a post for another day), I had a Google site and blog for each of my classes. And I didn’t have much trouble figuring out a Facebook Page, Instagram, or Twitter for my author self – all of which were new to me.

(Yes, other than Facebook, I avoided social media like the plague. And the only reason I got on Facebook to begin with, was my oldest niece only putting pictures of her children there. Blackmail, if you ask me.)

But setting up this blog has taken me on a marathon learning expedition. I’m wrapping my brain around a whole new set of vocabulary. And this rapidly aging brain doesn’t have as much plasticity as she used to have. Don’t get me wrong. I may whine about it, but it’s still fun.

Baby steps. I got this.

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